Monday, May 9, 2016

Romantic life around the world

               Romantic life around the world

       Love is universal, as everyone can and knows love. But in the different parts of the world, when looking for someone to love, people flirt and seduce in many different ways.

       When I came to the US I noticed how the people did it the same way as in Spain, talking lovingly or making certain jokes to be closer to that person. But the fact that the people gave that much importance to two people that spend more time together surprised me. Without them dating, if they are close to each other, everyone starts thinking they're dating. They also give a lot of importance to the first kiss, it takes really long to come. However in Spain you can have a nice time with someone one night and kiss that person but without any strong feeling, and the next week be with another one without caring that much. But you have to make sure the other person feels it the same way, if not, it would be awkward.

       Even if they go slow at the beginning of the relationship, they make future plans very easily, like proposing before while being in high school studying, what seems to me a little hasty for teenagers, as they're building their lives as students, if they add a couple everything would be further than a mess. Other example is the easiness people have to marry and divorce many times. Something that in Spain wouldn't happen, as I think, because of their big Christian tradition. In the past, they didn't have the choice of divorce, but separation. Still, this would mean going against the Church and its rules and it was bad seen. Apart from this, separation was only in special cases. A proof would be that through the years they celebrate the silver weddings, after 25 years together, and the golden ones, after 50.
         So the difference between both cultures relies on the history of both countries. In the US side, this country has always been seen as the country of liberty and opportunities, in this case, with love.

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